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Located in tower II of the World Trade Center complex, the safest anti-seismic zone with anti-seismic building, 24-hour perimeter security with armed guards controlling all access to the building, 7X24 closed circuit television in all accesses to the building.


Our Data Center

Because of our modern Data Center with international standards, we can offer the best in cloud services, virtual servers, business continuity (DRP), media cutodia and colocation.

DRAAS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Back Up as a Service

Using our backup and storage platform, a lightweight agent is installed on the servers to be protected and backup tasks are scheduled according to the policies established by the client, to be performed on our contingency servers.
In the event of a failure, in which the database server or the client’s applications go into a state of unavailability, the data recovery tasks stored on our servers are activated. After correcting the cause of the failure, the information is retrieved from the last backup that was stored on the back up platform.

Recovery as a Service

The Recovery as a Service is based on the Backup as a Service system described above with Infrastructure support as a Service to host servers (including their applications) on a temporary basis.
A restoration task is carried out towards the virtualized or physical servers from the backups stored in the platform. In the event of a disaster, a restoration is made to the virtual servers using the last backup made to the production environment. User transaction traffic is redirected to the contingency server. This can be done through the Internet or through dedicated links.

Replication as a Service

The replication service allows you to replicate data in a server-to-server environment, generating the immediate availability of the information, by keeping copies of the data that is updated automatically and continuously on another server. The redundancy that occurs is crucial during a catastrophic failure of the services, for maintenance of the system (whether planned or unplanned) or in case of a failure of its main site.
The client servers replicate in the Dataguard data center through replication software, and in view of the fact that they are online, that in case of failure, users connect to the replication server, transparently and immediately.

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

We provide access to a virtual infrastructure of the highest quality and robustness in our Data Center, with a wide range of computing capacity in servers according to the client’s need.
We offer virtual servers in Windows and Linux environment. Storage and back up service of your servers.

SAAS (Software as a Service)

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