Cyber Security

We offer high security and reliability solutions for your applications: banking, payment methods, defense, business, etc.


The information age has arrived and it is important that you protect yours. We are experts in information security and help you analyze your defenses to identify threats and make a good shield of your network.

Vulnerability Analysis and Ethical Hacking

It consists of a targeted and controlled attack on technological infrastructure components to reveal bad configurations and exploitable vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Remediation, Patch Update

Scan, detect and remedy vulnerabilities in the network before they are exposed. Fast vulnerability scanning methodology, patch management for Microsoft and more than 1500 third-party applications, Asset Inventory (Software / Hardware) network discovery / Including shared resources / Hidden folders, network auditing and change management, risk analysis and compliance in multiplatforms (MS, Linux, MacOS), Reports.

CISCO Cloud Security Suite

Security for access applications in the cloud, Office 365, emails, control software applications as a service in the public cloud.

  • Security to connect to the Internet (Cisco Umbrella).
  • Security for Office 365 mail (Cisco mail security).
  • Security for SAAS (Cisco Cloudlock).
  • Detect external and internal threats in branch office communications (Csco Stealth Watch Cloud).
  • Blocking malware threats to the End Point (Cisco Advance Malware Protection).

Encrypted Security for financial transactions

Using HSM equipment (hardware security module) we provide services for secure key storage and processing, cryptographic download / acceleration, extensive key management, key storage within HSM or as key encrypted files, multiple user authentication options and Access control, a smart card for strong authentication. Integrations with PKI applications, database encryption, etc. Certification FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Physical Security Level 4 *, PCI HSM (w / 3rd party firmware application.

Next Generation Antivirus

Endpoint security software that defends against any type of attack at any stage in the threat life cycle. Solutions with artificial intelligence (Sentinel One, Sophos and Cylance).